What is Sotai ho?
Sotai Ho is a method to recover body balance created by the japanese doctor Keizo Hashimoto (1897-1993). The purpose of this therapy is the recovery of the correct structural balance of the body to achieve an optimal state of physical health and optimize mental health.

nnIt is a method in constant evolution, whose guidelines are not strictly defined. For this reason, it is difficult to define exactly its theoretical content, because the teacher Hashimoto has allowed the free interpretation of the technique. This is a double-edged sword; it gives rise to research and evolution of the technique, but in turn, it can lead to a great separation from the origin.
What is Sotai for?
With this therapy, it is intended to achieve an optimal state of physical and mental health, and thus recover fluidity of body movement and body balance , as well as the correct alignment of the spine.

Encouraged by the desire to relieve his patients, Dr. Hashimoto sought answers in the many traditional Japanese therapies, among which he paid privileged attention to the Seitai-Jutsu method of Mr. Tajahashi, which consisted of moving the patient's body without pain.
Why choose us?
Our School is the only one in Europe endorsed by Miura Sensei, the Sotai Practitioner Association of Japan and Sotai Hou00ae Academy Inc.

The pioneer of Sotai in Spain is the Japanese Master Shigeru Onoda, founder of the Japanese School of Shiatsu from Madrid and who supervises the training of the courses in our School. The Sotai teachers in Spain first learned from Master Onoda.

Studying at our school is a guarantee of obtaining the best education in Sotai, learning the original fundamentals of the technique with the best trained professionals.
Study Sotai
Sotai Ho's studies are intended for those seeking to improve people's health naturally. It is a technique that can be complemented with different manual therapies.

Specially oriented to students or professionals of physiotherapy, osteopathy, traumatology, shiatsupractors and other manual therapies.

Especially recommended for those health professionals who work with the elderly or mobility problems, because Sotai is a painless and fluid exercise , which improves circulation and serves as an exercise daily for people with reduced mobility.
Sotai ho qualification
Nuestra Escuela es el u00fanico centro autorizado para emitir el Certificado Oficial de Sotai-hou00ae y poder obtener el tu00edtulo de Sotai-hou00ae Instructor.

Todos nuestros tu00edtulos tienen el sello de garantu00eda de Sotai Hou00ae Academy. n
Job opportunities
Sotai is a little-known technique in Spain, but the interest of which is growing day by day among practitioners of other therapies and among the general public. Having Sotai studies will not only give you extremely useful knowledge to complement your therapies, but it is also a plus in your career.

On the other hand, Sotai is a self-sustaining therapy, and as a Sotai therapist you can agree to be an Instructor, give courses at your School or Clinic or open your own School.